AASECT Sex Therapist

AASECT Sex Therapist Certification

AASECT describes a Sex Therapist as licensed mental health professionals, trained to provide in-depth psychotherapy, who have specialized in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns. In the absence of available licensure, they are certified, registered, or clinical members of a national psychotherapy organization. Sex therapists work with simple sexual concerns also, but in addition, where appropriate, are prepared to provide comprehensive and intensive psychotherapy over an extended period of time in more complex cases.

Academic Requirements:

Core Knowledge:

Skills Training:

NISHW will offer Prepare Enrich, Relate Well and possibly Gottman to assist in the 16 hours necessary for skills training. This will be offered during in-person quarterly conferences as well as online for asynchronous learning opportunities. It is the responsibility of the student to choose these trainings alongside with their course schedule.

NISHW Quarterly Conferences and Live courses offered throughout the US and internationally will be NISHW student’s opportunity to fulfill their academic course work hours that are required in-person. These events will be scheduled out ahead of time providing opportunities for students and faculty to plan for travel accommodations, etc. NISHW students must attend AT LEAST one quarterly conference during their enrollment in the certification process. Cost of academic coursework is included in tuition.

SAR – 2 Days (14 hours) – Facilitated by Dr. Lexx and designated colleagues. Must be done in person or via synchronous learning and will be offered per the course calendar. This is included in tuition.


Clinical Work

300 Clinical Hours while work with clients utilizing sex therapy techniques and focusing on sexual issues and concerns of both individuals and couples alike. These hours will be completed while under clinical supervision. Clinical hours will be broken into a practicum and five internships in no less than 18 months.

Specialization Tracks

If you select a specialization track with your certification you would complete coursework after academic courses have been completed. This IS an additional certification. Those in certification program for sex therapy that choose a specialization get 50% off cost. This includes 10 hours of consultation/supervision prior to completion. Specialty tracks can be completed in-person totaling 40 hours for a week- long training or via online/asynchronous learning for 40 clock hours/credits and completion of an oral defense. See specialization track list for options.


50 hours of supervision begins when practicum approval has been granted and begins. This is covered simultaneously during internship while the 300 hours of sex therapy clinical experience is completed. Clinical Supervision will be provided by an AASECT approved supervisor of your choice. We strongly suggest selecting from the listing of BIPOC supervisors the NISHW has, as it will lend to better application of coursework and provides appropriate support to learner. The minimum duration of the supervision will have been at least eighteen (18) months. Total hours per month may not exceed six (6) hours.


NISHW would like to celebrate this major accomplishment with a graduation ceremony for students who complete the program. Graduation will occur in the Spring and Fall of each year starting in 2024 when the first graduates will complete the program. Applications for graduation will be required. More info to come.


The pricing below includes the following: SAR (14 hours), Two Quarterly Institute (50 education for in-person training), remainder of 150 hours of education required by AASECT, 5 hours of supervision and bonus welcome package at orientation.

*For those who choose a specialty track at time of application receive it 50% off and will begin during practicum/internship. This includes 10 hours of consultation by instructors who are highly qualified and subject matter experts in the specialty area.

One Payment

Non-refundable application fee $150
Non-refundable Down Payment $0
Payment plan fee $0

Total w/o Specialty – $7,500 

Total w/ Specialty – $9,000

6 Month Payment Plan

Non-refundable application fee $150
Non-refundable Down Payment $500
Payment plan fee $350

Total w/o Specialty – $1,308.33/mo

Total w/ Specialty – $1,558.33/mo

12 Month Payment Plan

Non-refundable application fee $150
Non-refundable Down Payment $500
Payment plan fee $350

Total w/o Specialty – $654.17/mo

Total w/ Specialty – $779.17/mo

18 Month Payment Plan

Non-refundable application fee $150
Non-refundable Down Payment $500
Payment plan fee $350

Total w/o Specialty – $436.11/mo

Total w/ Specialty – $519.44/mo

Spaces are limited in cohorts for 2022. Do not wait to apply! The Non-Refundable $500 deposit is due within 7 days of acceptance and will secure your spot in the current cohort. If the current cohort is full you will be notified and placed in the next cohort. Payments will begin to be drafted on the fifteenth of the following month and every month after to fulfill the payment plan. NO CERTIFICATIONS WILL BE REWARDED UNTIL ALL FEES AND COST HAVE BEEN RECEIVED BY NISHW.

Full refund is available for those who pay a one time payment and request the refund via the appropriate form within 7 days of payment. Refunds will be returned via the method of payment within thirty days of request. As per the financial agreement any payments outside of this will result in a credit for NISHW and will be good for 12 months from the date the credit is issued.