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Why National Institute of Sexual Health & Wellness?

National Institute for Sexual Health & Wellness is the first Sex Therapy Certification Program and Sexual Institute that is geared towards Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the world. We pride ourselves on bringing the best of the best in the BIPOC sexual profession to not only teach decolonized and culture-centered curricula, but to also to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience that was custom made with the community in mind.

National Institute for Sexual Health & Wellness wants to be clear that our institution is for ALL, but OUR curriculum and vision is developed to cultivate healthier outcomes in BIPOC Communities. Which in turn shall change the trajectory of the educational experiences of those seeking post-graduate certifications, well-rounded CEs and applicable best-practices with the opportunity to learn and train simultaneously.

We offer individual courses for those who just want to learn more in the arena of sexuality to assist those in BIPOC communities as well as full certifications in Sex Therapy, Sex Education & Sex Counseling with a unique twist.

Our Founder

Chasity Chandler, LMHC, MCAP, ICADC, CST, CDWF

Our Founder, Chasity Chandler, realized a huge gap in training and services as it related to sexuality training after completing her own sex therapy certification in 2016. The lack of BIPOC instructors in current schools and programs as well as a deficit in actual practices that were applicable in BIPOC communities was mind-blowing to her. She had a vision to bring a group of diverse and inclusive instructors together in effort to promote the advancement of sexual health and well-being within the helping profession to break the stigma in communities of color.

Officially founded in 2019, our mission is to provide education that will equip educators, counselors, therapists, and those in the medical fields with a shame-free, affirming and inclusive approach. Our decolonized, culture-centered, comprehensive approach to the sexuality field will be a game changer for not only anyone who goes through our programs or takes our courses, but for the communities that are hugely suffering from current approaches and education that is crippling not only our sexual health and mental health outcomes, but our medical outcomes as well.

In September 2021 courses will begin to be offered and enrollment for full certification programs will soon follow with certification tracks for sex therapy, sex education and sex counseling starting in the Spring of 2022. Join our mailing list to get the information firsthand. If you or someone you know would be a good addition to the NISHW creative team or faculty, please have them apply here.


our Courses & Certification Programs


AASECT Sex Therapist

AASECT describes a Sex Therapist as licensed mental health professionals, trained to provide in-depth psychotherapy, who have specialized in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns.

Florida Sex Therapy Certification

The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family therapy and Mental Health Counseling mandates the Use of the Title “Sex Therapist” in F.A.C. 64B4-7.004.

AASECT Sexuality Educator

AASECT describes a sexuality educator as someone who teaches and trains about a range of topics, including but not limited to sexual health; sexual and reproductive anatomy and physiology; family planning, contraception, and pregnancy/childbirth;

AASECT Sexuality Counselor

AASECT describes a sexuality counselor as a representation of a variety of professions, ranging from medicine to the clergy.

Specialization Tracks

At NISHW we’ve created a program model that allows for an additional certification to be completed while completing the field experience during your practicum and internships for the certification programs you’ve chosen in sex therapy or sexuality counseling.

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