3 CEs

Not All Trans People Transition


Not All Trans People Transition 3 CEs

This workshop will cover the basics of transgender identity, the desire of some transgender individuals to transition, and the accessibility of transition for those that desire to do so. Three widely recognized forms of transition will be discussed: medical, legal, and social. This course will also cover the implications of race-based prejudice on members of the transgender community and their ability to transition. Note: this particular class will be taught by a Clinical Psychologist that is both Black and transgender.


Meet the Instructor

Dr. A.C. Fowlkes is the Chief Executive Officer of Fowlkes Consulting which is an LGBTQ+ sensitivity and transgender inclusion consulting firm. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has worked in the field of Diversity and Inclusion for over 10 years. He is an LGBTQ+ Subject Matter Expert and Thought Leader. His passion for LGBTQ+ sensitivity and inclusion are palpable and has resulted in him becoming a highly sought-after speaker and consultant. He has provided training and consultation in multiple settings which include but are not limited to: the financial sector, the aerospace sector, the prison system, institutions of higher education and psychiatric hospitals. As a transgender man himself, Dr. Fowlkes has a profound appreciation for the impact (both blatant and subtle) of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Dr. Fowlkes is a Forbes Contributor, where he writes about LGBTQ+ inclusion, equality, and the Pink Economy. He is also a proud member of the Board of Directors for the Trevor Project.

Dr. Fowlkes has a Ph.D. in health psychology with a clinical specialization. His clinical training has afforded him an opportunity to work at various levels in the mental health field, most recently serving as the Chief Operating Officer or Interim Chief Executive Officer for multiple behavioral health facilities. He has also provided clinical services in the prison system, having previously served as the Chief Psychologist of the second largest prison in Virginia. Dr. Fowlkes is a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider. He has worked with some of the highest risk sex offenders in the country. He has operated in positions of clinical and executive leadership for the past ten years and has developed a reputation for improving clinical product and patient satisfaction which in turn leads to improvement in key performance indicators. He is a proponent of transformational leadership and prides himself on his ability to grow leaders.

General Mental Health Areas:

Transgender cultural competency, family concerns, trauma informed care, ethical ramifications and considerations, healing -centered practices.

AASECT Core Knowledge Areas:

(C, D, G, I, O) Socio-cultural, familial factors (e.g., ethnicity, culture, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic status, family values) in relation to sexual values and behaviors. Issues related to sexual orientation and/or gender identity: heterosexuality; issues and themes impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual people; gender identity and expression. Sexual and reproductive anatomy/physiology. Range of sexual functioning and behavior, from optimal to problematic including, but not limited to, common issues such as: desire discrepancy, lack of desire, difficulty achieving or maintaining arousal, sexual pain, penetration problems and difficulty with orgasm. Professional communication and personal reflection skills.

Sex Therapy (ST) Training:

Ethical decision-making and best practice.

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