1 CE

Polyamory 101


Polyamory 101 - 1 CE

This training is an overview of the polyamory and covers basic terminology, the various dynamics and formations within polyamory, ethical considerations in the relationship and within a therapeutic context. Participants of this workshop will also learn the ways that polyamory differs from monogamy. We will address myths about polyamory and current barriers in communities of color.


Meet the Instructor

Chasity Chandler is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addictions Professional, Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Certified Prepare Enrich facilitator/Trainer for dating, marital and pre-marital couples, RelateWell Couples Therapist/Coach and Gottman Level 1 trained therapist. She is currently completing level 2. Chasity is also EMDR trained with an impressive amount of experience with trauma, mental health and substance abuse as a triad. Chasity is the CEO of Center for Sexual Health & Wellness, LLC where she specializes in working with children, teenagers and adults on relationship and marital concerns, sex/sexuality issues and therapy for therapists. She works extensively with the LGBTQ+ population on many concerns and she does a lot of work with couples in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, increasing intimacy and passion in their relationships as well as infidelity and more! She sees couples of all love and lifestyles. Chasity also does work around sexual abuse and its impacts on our development, ability to maintain romantic relationships and creating space for affirming, safe, and shame-free sexual experiences.

General Mental Health Areas:

This workshop will discuss stressors and triggers that may occur in relationships where there is multiple partners or there is potential for multiple partners. This workshop will also address how the change in the relationship dynamics can impact one’s mental health.

AASECT Core Knowledge Areas:

(A, O, E, D, F, C, P)
Socio-cultural and intersectional considerations, Varieties in sexual expressions and behaviors, Consensual Non-Monogamy, Relationships/intimacy, Ethics and ethical behavior .

AASECT Sex Therapy (ST) Training:

(E, F)
Ethical decision-making and best practice, Principles of consultation, collaboration, and referral.

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