2 CEs

Sexuality Spectrum


Sexuality Spectrum - 2 CEs

This workshop is about the exploration of sexual identities and the LGBTQIAA+ for MSM. MSM is Men who have sex with men. Examples of Non-Gay Identified MSM and the ways in which culture and race impact the growing STI/HIV rates, lack of interventions, stigma and community will be discussed.


Meet the Presenter

Romel graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelors in Psychology, Barry University with a Masters in Social Work and is AASECT Certified as a CST. Romel has been involved within the BDSM community for a number of years, as well as assisting the expansion of a leather organization for Men of Color. Romel believes in harm reduction and has advocated for more information and education on BDSM/Fetish/Kink/Ethical Non-monogamy as well as education surrounding safer sex practices and options for condom-less sex/bareback communities. Romel has done work within and a part of the sex working communities. Romel is the owner of Romeo’s Sensation LLC, a group practice that serves Florida and Maryland aimed at bridging the gap between traditional therapy and sex therapy. Noting that sex (solo or partnered) plays a significant role in the day to day lives of all personas. At the present time, there is work being done to expand and explore culturally competent services within Latin America.

General Mental Health Areas:

This workshop will have general cultural considerations that may be beneficial for mental health professionals.

AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: (C, D, F, P)

Socio-cultural and intersectional considerations, Spectrum of Sexual orientation and Spectrum of Gender Identities.

AASECT Sex Therapy (ST) Training: (F)

Ethical decision-making and best practice.