2 CE

To be or not to be:
Is Becoming a Sex Therapist for Me?


To be or not to be: Is Becoming a Sex Therapist for Me? 2 CEs

This training will go over the different factors needed when incorporating sex therapy into your practice. We will define sex therapy, what sex therapists do, and if becoming a sex therapist is for you or not. This course will discuss different modalities of sex therapy in addition to the types of diagnoses we work with. Examples will be provided as well as vignettes of different cases and how to treat such cases. This course will also discuss how to assess client issues as well as when it is good to take on a sex therapy client versus referring out and ethical considerations. .It will highlight how to market yourself based on coining yourself as a sex therapist or simply having the knowledge to provide some sex therapy through taking some courses


Meet the Instructor

Dr. Cooper-Lovett is the therapist and owner of A New Creation Psychotherapy Services, LLC a group practice in the south Atlanta Metro Area. A licensed marriage and family therapist and sex therapist, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is also an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor. Additionally, she is a prepare and enrich facilitator and trainer. More recently, Dr. Cooper-Lovett has become a certified tantric, energetic, and spiritual healer and is looking forward to further healing for the BIPOC community. As for community work in her profession, Dr. Cooper-Lovett is on the advisory board for AAMFT’s Minority Fellowship Program and a reviewer for the journal of interpersonal violence. Dr. Cooper-Lovett specializes in trauma particularly domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, and community violence that affects individuals, couples, and families. Additionally, Dr. Cooper-Lovett works with women’s sexuality and pleasure. She focuses on helping women reclaim their sexual selves after trauma. Furthermore, she specializes in infidelity recovery, and sexuality and sexual issues for individuals and couples

General Mental Health Areas:

This workshop has mental health components as it relates to working with individuals, couples, and families who need sex therapy services and how to correctly diagnose and treat individuals who are in need of sex therapy.

AASECT Core Knowledge Areas:

History of the discipline of sex research, theory, education, counseling and therapy (P), Ethics and ethical behavior (A, O), Professional communication and personal reflection skills (O).

AASECT Sex Therapy (ST) Training:

A. Theory and methods of sex-related psychotherapy, including several different models, B. Techniques of sex-related assessment and diagnosis of the ‘Psychosexual Disorders’ described in the current edition of the DSM., C. Theory and methods of approach to intervention in relationship systems experiencing sex and intimacy problems, E. Principles of consultation, collaboration, and referral, F. Ethical decision-making and best practice.

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